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Here are some photos taken on the set of "oddities." The actual name of the movie will be "Freakshow."

FREAKSHOW by The Asylum.


Kiyomi & Outside Talker
Kiyomi and James, The Outside Talker.
Not a Barker, An Outside Talker. That's is the right term.

Outside Talker & The TipOutside Talker & The Tip
Outside Talker with Fans.The Outside Talker about to turn the whole Tip.
The Tip is the Audience.
"To Turn the Whole Tip" means to get everyone
to buy a ticket for the show.

Curtis & Friends
Foreground From Left: Curtis; The Great Riwami; Chef; A Wild Man; Elephant Man.

Jason DeParis
Arnie (Jason DeParis.)
The Pok3rf4ce Boys
Arnie (The Pok3rf4ce Boys)