"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, tonight you will see the latest addition to The Asylum.
Never before, in the history of the twenty first century, such a bizarre movie been seen.
Whether manufactured by nature or by man, the performers you will see tonight are real!
You won't believe your eyes!
Ladies and gentlemen, prepared your selves to come face to face with the “Freakshow!”"

Thus, the barker (“outside talker,” to carnies and circus folks), introduced the screening Of “Freakshow.”

The premiere took place at the Sagegrass Cantina, in the city of Calabasas, on January 28, 2007. Drew

The “Freakshow” premiere and screening was may possible, thanks to, by Wini McKay (L.A. Circus), VeeKay, and Bob McCord, owner of the Sagegrass Cantina.
The event took place under the big top. Outside the big top, there were several curious folks trying to take a peek or trying to Talk their way in.

Several cast and crew were present. Among those who were there were:

Drew Bell (The Director), Mark Atkins (Director of Photography), Amanda Ward (Cannibal Girl), Amy Dunton (Bobby/Bobbie),
Sque3z and the Suspension Guys, Mark P. Miller (Lee), Chester Cable, Wini McKay, Glenn, Mighty Mike (Curtis),
VeeKay (The Wolf Man), Anthony Fankhause (Line Producer), John Christian Harpster (Hank's Dad), Kiyomi Hara (Wardrobe), Glenn Gray (Canvasman), several family members, circus fans, yours truly (The Outside Talker),
and three people who saw the invite on the IMDB "Freakshow" message board.

The three IMBD "guests" were allowed in after they sang the praises of VeeKay, even though non of them have ever met him.
VeeKay was so impressed by these fans that they were allowed in. They got a free meal and a show.

I played the Outside Talker ("barker" to the townies, marks, and Rubes), and had a spiel on each of the stars as they came in.
It was fun.

Drew & Mighty Mike

Christopher Adamson sent his love to everyone, which I also relay to the audience.
Larry Gomez, the Wolf Boy, was in New York to tape the Keith Ablow Show.
The Geu family (Brystal, Spencer, and McKenna (Little Kimmie) were unable to attend.
Before the movie begun, Drew Bell spoke, and we did a short "Q & A."

We had to wait until 6:30 PM to begin the movie since there was a band playing on the other side of the tent.
Bob, The owner of the Sagebrush Cantina, provided a wonderful buffet.
Mighty Mike did the technical work. I was the MC, the Side Show Talker, and the eye candy.
Actually, I looked so good, I could not stop looking at myself. Unfortunally, my wife took away my mirror.
Fortunatelly, now I have the pictures.

The movie received mixed reviews. However, as I suspected, most people enjoyed the "Special Features" best.

Enjoy the photos.

Drew & Wife Anthony Fankhause
Drew Bell & Wife on Barker's Podium Anthony Fankhause and Glenn

Amanda Ward Amanda  and the Suspencion Guys
Amanda Ward (Cannibal Girl) and Jared Michaels Amanda & The Suspencion Guys

Photos With the Out Side Talker

Amy Dunton
Amy Dunton (Bobby/Bobbie)
John Christian Harpster
John Christian Harpster (Hank's Dad) and Glenn

Mark P Miller
Mark P. Miller (Lee)
Amy Dunton & The Freaks
Beauty & The Freaks:
Beautyful Amy Dunton is Surrounded by
The Barker, John Christian Harpster, Mark P. Miller, and Mighty Mike Murga.