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The following are fictional stories by a fictional person retelling the fictional accounts
of fictional characters based on the movie FREAKSHOW by The Asylum.
The stories in James letters occurs several years before the events that takes place in the movie.

Greetings. My name is Paul White. All my life, since I was a young lad, I have been interested and fascinated by sideshows and sideshow folks.
About a year ago I met a man named James, who actually worked on a circus sideshow, back in the days, lived the life,
and was accepted in to the outer circle of the inner circle of the freaks.

James was the Outside Talker for the sideshow. We became pen pals. Here I share with you some of the letters he has sent me through the years.
I retyped the letters to share with you, but left intact all the grammatical errors so as to let the flavor of his letters come through.

Mr. White

Dear Mr. White:

I hope this letter finds you well. I enjoyed your previous letter. Thank you for your well wishes. Yes, I do miss being on the road and the freak show, but I have a different life now.

Regarding your question, here is how I was able to get, somewhat, accepted into the confidence of the freaks.

It happened one day when we just made the jump to this town. I have joined the show about three months earlier. We were raising the big top, with the help of local rubes. Mr. Lon, the circus proprietor, was supervising the work. Curtis, the dwarf with the nasty disposition, was barking out orders. I was giving doniker duties. In the freak's eyes, I was still the lowest of the lowest, a step above the local rubes, but a step bellow the circus's geek. My job, that day, was to dig holes for the shit house.

I was working along side a local gimp. Glen, one of the tent workers, was overseeing us. Suddenly, I noticed some movements several feet to my left side. I saw Kimmie, the owner's daughter, being led away from the circus grounds toward the forest, by an unknown yokel. Now, Kimmie seemed to be about nine or ten years of age. I never knew her right age. And she's a special child with a vocabulary of one word, “Okay.” As he was leading her away, he was trying to walk in a fast pace, Kimmie was, as always, skipping along, happily, as if this was a game.

This didn't look right. Seeing that everyone was on the other side of the tent, there was no one watching Kimmie. I immediately told Glen, “Someone is taking Kimmie.” Without waiting for his response, I took off running toward the yokel and Kimmie, all the while yelling, “Kimmie!” “Kimmie!” And, “Let her Go!”

The creep heard me and saw me running toward him. He let go of Kimmie, and began to run. Kimmie, thinking this was another game, started running after him. I was able to catch up to Kimmie, grab her by the hand and told her, “let's go home, Kimmie.” She just laughed, pointing toward the fleeing yokel.

As I turned to take Kimmie back, I saw coming, from the tent site, the Great Riwami, an armless person, who could use his feet better then I could use my hands. He was running at full speed. Keeping pace with him was Wolf Man, a strange looking person whose face and upper body was fully covered with hair. Looking more like a werewolf than a person. At this point I realized that Wolf Man was looking straight at me with those eyes that would make your blood run cold. If looks could kill I would have been dead, right there and then.

I promptly pointed to the escaping townie and yelled, “He tried to take Kimmie. He's getting away." (I was terrified of Wolf Man.) Wolf Man took his gaze away from me, focused on the yokel, and seemed to double his speed as he ran alongside Riwami. I was still holding Kimmie's hands, heading toward the circus grounds, when I saw the main pack of freaks running toward the direction of the guilty yokel.

The pack consisted of Lon, flanked on his right by The Strong Man (Whereas Curtis was Lon's lieutenant, Strong Man was Lon's right hand man.), and Robby/Robbie, the Half and Half. To Lon's left where, Cannibal Girl, the Bearded Lady, Glen, (Who might have gone to call them), Kevin, and Sherri, Kimmie's mom.

A few paces behind came Curtis the Dwarf, and Chef, the Legless Wonder. Chef could run rather fast on his hands.

Bringing up the rear, several paces behind, came Elephant Man. A grotesque figure of a man, who resembled the legendary John Merrick, the original Elephant man. He was running pretty fast considering his deformity. Elephant man was panting furiously, as he had trouble breathing. He was making a sound, as he passed me, that sounded like maniacal laughter of a mad man, enough to curl your blood. He was carrying a “tool” that looked much like a battle-axe, then any tools I have seen before.

I understood the code of the freaks, and their sense of justice. So, I did not look their way. I just stood there with Kimmie, facing the Circus grounds.

By now, Sherri, Cannibal Girl, and Mongoloid Girl, broke away from the pack and came to take care of Kimmie. We all stood there, me looking toward the circus, everyone else toward the action far behind me. Kimmie was caressing her mother's face, saying in a pleading way, “Okay? Okay?”

I heard a loud No! No! Then, an ear-piercing scream. The Wolf Man howled. Kimmie begun to jump with glee. She loved to hear Wolf Man howl. All went silent. Soon, I could hear everyone coming back. I walked back to my job site, never looking back, knowing that it is best not see anything. I continued my work.

That evening a series of unusual events took place. Chef gave the flag. (Call to dinner.)

Let me describe the dinning room, we call it the cookhouse. As you enter you will see a couple of long tables, end to end, in the center of the tent. This is the freak's table. Only Lon, his family, and the freaks are allowed to sit there. To the left of the entrance there's a large round table. This is reserve to “friends” of the freaks. Glen and Kevin sit at that table. Toward the back are several long tables. These are for the tent crew, chumps, geeks, and rubes. Where I usually sit.

This night, as I grabbed my food and a drink, Kevin walked up and invited me to sit with him, Glen, and couple of other men at the round table. I was doubtful at first, but Kevin insisted, and I saw Glen giving me a smile of approval.
I sat with them.
Then the most amazing thing happened. Wolf Man, without saying a word, walked up to where I was sitting, put a glass of wine in front of me. (Wolf Man loved his wine, whenever he could get it.) He gave me a nod, glaring at me, but his stare seemed a bit softer then other times. He turned and walked back to sit at his usual place, to left of Lon, and to the right of his friend, Elephant Man. I looked up. Lon gave me a nod, and raised his bottle of beer as to salute me. They all went back to cutting up jackpots, and I did the same with Kevin and Glen. I was never brought into their inner circle, but their attitude toward me changed from then on. At least I made it to their outer circle.

In my next letter I'll tell you, to the best of my memory, a little about each one of the freaks.