The Wild Boy of Luis Guillon

"A story found in Revista Billiquen, and reported on Radio Splendid in 1960"
This really happened and he even exist!

"Story of the real life. Argentina 1960"
This really happened and he even exist!

The truthful history of the Negrito, so called by the filth that it covered it when they finally were
able to catch him, began to be part of the Argentinean folklore.

The story begun to run in the 1960 when several neighbors of the Barrio Las Moreras, Luis Guillon south of
Monte Grande, complained to the authorities that they heard very strange noises and saw rare things. The belive it was a lobizon (werewolf)..

The authorities didn't lend much attention until they themselves saw a pack dogs in a frenzy and
as they set pursue saw a different figure to that of the rest of the wild dogs...

That "thing" was bigger than the canines and it had the ability of walking in two paws....
The story circulated very quickly, the news spread to the surrounding areas and they formed groups to "hunt" to the beast...
The first two groups returned without news.. but the third group to their astonishment were able to see to the creature be...

In order to don't make them the so long history I will simplify saying that it was a boy like of 8 or 9 yrs was evident that it had mental retardation, without knowing that make of it, after debates they decided to intern it in an asylum specialized in working with special children..

Rosa was the therapist that was most interested in him and showed kindness and affection. After making several evaluations she realized that that boy had been raised normally but that he was of short age when life gave him a change (they not yet knew the age for that) the boy was very docile and obedient with Rosa and if she called his attention he thrown himself in the floor and accepted the punishment, but if somebody unknown to him screamed he threatened with a growl and demonstrated his wild survival side. An attitude learned from his canine protectors.

Inside the asylum, Negrito, learned how to communicate with signs language that is used by the deaf. He learned quickly. He demonstrated that he was overcoming the delay due to not being raised for humans. Now Negrito had a house, food, clothes, treatment, affection, all safety. But one day he disappeared......

The search, fear of the inhabitants, began to enlarge the legend.

As it is logical, many took advantage of the confusion in order to knit absurd histories with such of having their minutes of fame....

As well, as it had already happened, They found that many families appeared claiming the he was their son, some were there because was not able to concieve, another for the fame..... One woman told this story: “The lady story was that she had 13 children, that were very poor and they many times didn't have neither the most basic needs. Dieguito too much for her family to care for. Dieguito was just 3 yrs. old when he distanced himself from their family, who lived in The Moreras, near Luis Guillon. Diguito and their dog were gone without realizing and lost the direction and they could not return....”

Alone, only a family past the tests, and confirmed that Negrito was their misplaced relative more than any other family.

Details are not known how he became part of the pack of wild dogs but it is not very difficult to guess; surely the dogs although they are wild they realized that it was an infant, fed it and gave it drinks and they adopted it. They became substitutes parents. (We remember Remulo and Romo and the wolf) giving it I shelter, food, protection.

So he grew even not having the parents' love and guide. Until he found a new family in the asylum.

Rosa in her studies saw that the boy knew how to hold a tablespoon and how it was used, where the shoes went, although the didn't have, but upon seeing a pair of shoes he brings near them to his feet without putting on them, which it indicates that he even conserved intact memory of his short yrs....

Returning to the topic of the second disappearance, The typical opportunists in search of fame and/or money, appeared. Finally was discovered that Negrito had been sold by one of the employees of the institute to a company of International Circus....

So it was like much time they later they found him in the Paniagua Circus in Brazil....
Everything coincided, in the time that the Negrito disappeared that circus was in the area....
Consulted, the leader of the circus agreed that if that was the same boy, they did not break any laws. But that they neither knew someone was looking for the boy. They had infringed no law since one of the high bosses was showing that he was SOLD properly, and showed the document of purchase sale!!!!!!!

Do you imagine that this can happen in the middle of the 20 century; SELLING HUMANS?

Isabel, a circus person, who in their past had worked with special children was his teacher, again he finds a home where he was wanted and valued, she teached him with much patience, dicipline.

What we know so far of him is that later he so was very happy traveling the world with the circus, entertaining the people and telling her that of the best for him was to be accepted. End.

They have made books, movies, songs, been inspired by this case, today, Negrito may already be more than 50 or less than 60.
I am able to bring to you this story when I meet family still living in Luis Guillon. All we know is he still alive in the USA.

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    Although, I would like to hear more stories of whom was alived at that time, and they remember him, or if they have newspapers where this case lives; send me it to my mail please:

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