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Be on the look out for Chuy on "The Grimms Brother side Show" 2006.

In 2009 look for Chuy at Cirque Royal in Spain

  • Johnny Knoxville invited Chuy to be in a Turbo Negro Video.
    Chuy had a great time, especially, since he was surrounded by these beauties. (It's good to be the Wolfboy.)

    Chuy at the TurboNegro Video Taping
    Chuy & Beauties
    Chuy & Beauties 2

    Some of Johnny Knoxville Friends
    Jackass crew
    Jackass crew

    Chuy's Friend, Dieguin The Wild Boy, was along for the fun

    Johnny Knoxville, Dieguin, TurboNegro
    3 Wild Men
    The Wild Boy & The Wolf Boy


    Be on the look out for Chuy on:

  • "Venice Beach Freakshow " through June 8, 2008.
  • Circus Vargas 2008.
    "It's Not Easy Being a Wolfboy" on TLC (US Version 2006)
    "It's Not Easy Being a Wolfboy" on the BBC 5 (UK Version 2005)
    "Medical Incredible" on Discovery Health
    "Human Mutants" BBC 4
    "Maximun Exposure"
    Animal Planet (The Most Extreme - Oddities)
    TurboNegro video "Sell Your Body (Into The Night)"
    Stuff Magazine (2003)

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