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At Circus Vargas you will see death defying daredevils, a tiger trainer, an elephant trainer, and a cat & dog tamer. But non are so brave and fearless as VeeKay the Clown, the "Child Trainer!" We caution all parents not to attemp VeeKay's training abilites. VeeKay is a trained profetional.

Children Of Circus Vargas At Circus Vargas you may see VeeKay the Clown and "The Children of Circus Vargas."
This is a fun, adorable act; Created by Johanna, Princess Stephanie, and Dima - written, directed, and performed by the Children of Circus Vargas. Produced by Veekay the Clown

The Children Of Circus Vargas
The Children of Circus Vargas
Children's Style
The Performers take their well earned vows.
Dima on Diabolos
Princess Stephanie
Princess Stephanie
Emanuel & Tony
Daniel on Rings
VeeKay the Clown

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Meet the Children
Los Niños

Kool Award

Miss Stephanie Princess Elayne
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